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Dr Soil Organic Plant Food

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Dr. Soil (New Soil Fertility Booster) is a Bio-fertilizer with a blend of various beneficial bacteria like Nitrogen fixers (Azotobacter and Azospirillium), Phosphate Solubilizers and Potash Mobilizers. This powerful composition helps in fixing of Nitrogen, solubilize and mobilize Phosphorus and Potassium respectively thereby increasing crop yield and soil fertility.


- Controls growth of harmful fungi in the soil.

- Helps to improve soil properties and sustains soil fertility.

- Helps to reduce disease occurrence.

- Enhances flowering and fruiting.

- Increases yield and crop quality.


Method of Application

 - Drip System

  Take suggested quantity of Dr. Soil filter it properly, mix with normal water and drip to required     land.

 - Drenching System

  Application of Dr. Soil Solution (Dr. Soil + water) quantity differs from crop to crop, contact our     technical person for more details.


Product Disclaimer

Output depends on various factors like Soil, Water, Environment & Proper Treatment given by the farmers.


Suitable for crops like Vegetables, Flowers, Pomegranate, Mango, Sapota, Guava, Banana, Coconut, Citrus, Maize, Ginger, Turmeric, Cereals, Pulses, etc.

Attribute nameAttribute value
Product Specifications
Usage/ApplicationSoil Application
Packaging Size5 Liter
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